• Train Husky Puppy to Roll Over

    The roll over trick is a great addition to your husky’s tricks collection. After applying the tips on this page, when given the command, your husky should successfully roll over completely.

    What You Need

    • A husky dog
    • A bag of treats
    • 15 minutes a day
    • Some patience

    Take your husky out to a quiet place and begin training sessions. Approximately 15 minutes a day is the most you should do, or until your puppy gets bored. This trick may take your puppy up to a month or two to fully establish but it’s well worth it.

    Treats are absolutely necessary for this to work, but as soon as you notice your puppy has lack of interest then stop immediately and resume later. Follow the steps outlined below to train your husky puppy to roll over on command.

    It is recommended that your puppy already knows how to come and lie down as we will be using that as our initial position.

    • Call your puppy to come to you and place him in a laying position (you can give the command if your puppy already mastered it).
    • Using a yummy treat as an attention grabber, give the command “Roll Over” and start motioning your treat in a circular direction while giving your puppy a gentle push to the side.
    • Proceed slowly motioning your puppy to roll over until he or she has successfully done a 360 degree roll.
    • As soon as it’s complete provide the tasty treat and give plenty of praise for good work done.
    • Repeat this process over and over until your puppy gets better at it.
    • Keep offering treats and when it looks like your puppy mastered it try some without.

    That’s all you need to get started; the most important thing is to enjoy the time you spend with your husky and have lots of enjoyable fun!

    After your puppy masters this trick you will be surprised how good it feels to have such a great and obedient companion.

    To master more tricks don’t forget to check out the husky obedience guide.

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