• Training a Husky to Sit

    Husky SittingThe sit command is one of the basic yet important training commands that you should train your dog. The sit command is the basis for other commands such as lie down, roll over, shake, play dead, and so on. Moreover, it should be a common practice to make your husky sit before giving him a meal or playing with him. This establishes correct ranks in the pack and enforces positions within the ranks. Not only will your husky sense leadership but he or she will also enjoy obeying your commands – it’s what they do.

    Training your husky to sit is a simple process. All you need for this trick is 15 minutes a day and some of his favorite treats. Be very enthusiastic when training your husky – they can sense excitement and huskies love excitement. The more excited you are the more likely they will listen to you. Remember, tricks are just for fun – you should never get mad or punish your husky for not doing a trick right.

    Call your husky to you and show him the treat – but don’t let him have it. Make sure your dog is in a standing position. Then, give the command “Skip, Sit!”. Move him to a sitting position and praise/reward every time he successfully sits. Keep practicing this over and over again until your husky sits without you placing him in the sitting position. He will learn that when you say the command “Sit” and he goes into a sitting position he gets a nice treat and lots of praise! This makes a mental note that he should be able to quickly remember.

    After it seems like your puppy grasped the command try it without the treats. Don’t forget to always praise your husky for doing something right. This will reinforce their positive behavior and they will know exactly what they should be doing.

    Nice simple trick but works miracles! Go ahead, try it with your husky. If you successfully completed it, please, post your comments below and share your experience with our readers! Good luck.

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    1. vanda
      Oct 11th

      i would really appreciate your report

      • Kevin
        Oct 11th

        Hi Vanda,

        You can request the report simply by entering your name and e-mail above.

        Good luck

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