• Stop Husky Puppy Chewing & Biting

    Husky BitingMost dogs develop an excessive biting and chewing habit – Siberian huskies are no exception. Puppies need to learn the surroundings of everything around them – so they bite and chew everything they can see. This helps them learn to survive in the wilderness – it’s a natural instinct. Of course, sometimes we don’t want our little pups to bite and chew our hands, furniture, shoes, important paperwork, couches, etc.

    We cannot completely stop our puppies from chewing and biting – it’s natural and it’s a perfectly natural instinct required for little puppies to develop properly. What you have to do is give your puppy plenty of toys to chew on so they don’t bother with your stuff. You can’t stop your puppy from chewing – and you shouldn’t! All you need to do is prevent them from chewing the things you don’t want them to chew while giving them plenty of other things to chew on. It’s a canine compromise.

    Of course, things are a little different when it comes to biting the owner. Generally, small puppies “play bite” each other when they play and whenever one pup bites a bit too hard the other puppy stops playing – that’s how they learn not to bite too hard. If your puppy is biting you too hard select a punishment and keep enforcing it. Whenever your puppy bites you simply say “bad” and stop playing. Repeat the process until your puppy doesn’t bite you so hard anymore.

    Siberian huskies are anything but aggressive. These sweet animals will never bite out of aggression. They may rarely bite only if they feel their pack is in danger. Huskies crave attention and sometimes when they’re constantly ignored they may exhibit behavior problems that are often mistaken for aggression. These animals are extremely intelligent. Avoid hitting your husky when they bite – this method is not very effective and has been proven quite ineffective time after time. The best method is to simply stop playing and ignore your husky. After some time call your husky to you and play with him. If he starts biting, simply leave and ignore your puppy.

    When it comes to serious bites as a result from aggression, agitation, or defense reaction then you better be careful as they can land powerful bites that can do serious damage. Make sure your husky received his shots and prevent any confrontation with other dogs that may pose a threat. If your husky gets in a fight be extremely careful breaking it up as your husky may unintentionally bite you in self defense.

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    1. Beatrice
      Mar 18th

      I think this is absolutely a wonderful site. I am completely happy to have come across it. I lost my Siberian Husky. Not sure what happened to him. I let him lose, and he ran off and was never seen or heard from again. Had him over a year, and just loved him. Awesome site!

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