• How to Train Your Siberian Husky to Speak

    Training your Siberian husky to speak is not only fun but it also encourages your puppy to stay quiet until you give him the command to speak. This trick can be mastered quite easily but will take some patience.


    • A Siberian husky
    • Baggie of treats
    • An enthusiastic personality
    • Doorbell or something that triggers your puppy to speak (May not be needed)

    Grab a piece of treat and hold it in front of your husky. Don’t let him have it though, as it will provoke barking (just what you’re looking for). Keep preventing him from getting it but make sure he knows it’s there and say the command “SPEAK”. If withheld long enough, your puppy should bark and upon success you should PRAISE your husky enthusiastically and give him the treat. Make sure to do it INSTANTANEOUSLY as your puppy may forget why he’s getting praised after just a few seconds.

    If your husky doesn’t seem to want to bark for a piece of treat, you can try this with something else that triggers his barking such as a knock on the door or the doorbell. Give him the command “SPEAK” and ring the doorbell to see if he reacts. Most huskies will bark (assuming there’s someone out there) so don’t delay with praising him enthusiastically and providing a treat.

    Repeat this 5-10 times or until your husky seemed to master the trick. Always remember that no negative feedback should be given if he doesn’t bark. This is 100% fun time with you and your husky puppy.

    Keep sessions no longer than 15 minutes, and when successfully trained, you will have a Siberian husky that will speak on command. That ultimately means that your dog will not speak any other time unless you give the command to do so!

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