• Siberian Husky Training Basics

    Husky PuppySiberian husky training should be fun for both you and your husky. When training your Siberian husky it’s important to remember one rule of thumb: positive reinforcement will ultimately train your husky exactly what you want him to do.

    Negative reinforcement only works when you can catch your Siberian husky in the act – and even so, no “physical” punishment should be given. Instead, you should only give your puppy negative feedback such as “Rover, No!”. Your puppy will understand that you’re unhappy – they can read human emotions quite well for that matter.

    Now that you know that you shouldn’t physically harm your Siberian husky and the best way to train a Siberian husky is through positive reinforcement then I’m going to share some practical ways where both methods will work.

    Siberian huskies are quite intelligent dogs and they seem to grasp stuff quicker and quicker the more you train them. Let’s assume you want to train your puppy to stop getting up on the furniture such as your couch. For this one, we might need to use both positive reinforcement and “negative feedback” in order to correct our puppy’s behavior.

    First and foremost, you have to realize that your puppy would rather see the world as black and white rather than shades of gray. You have to make up your mind about which “rules” you set and enforce them at all times. It will confuse your puppy when something you’ve previously allowed now gets him yelled at.

    Decide whether or not you want to allow your puppy to get up on the furniture (on your command that is). Then, take him through a training session where you give him the command to get on and then praise him enthusiastically. But, whenever your puppy gets on without a command give him a stern “No!” so he understands that you don’t approve.

    This won’t be difficult for your Siberian husky to learn as they can easily distinguish positive and negative feedback – and any smart husky would not associate their behavior with something that results in an unhappy owner. And all huskies are smart.

    When training your Siberian husky new commands (tricks) you should never use corrections or any type of negative feedback. Remember, tricks are just for fun and it should be done in a manner that doesn’t result in anything negative. Siberian husky training takes a lot of patience but you can easily train your Siberian husky to sit, lie down, roll over, speak, howl, say I love you, shake, fetch, hold, drop it, and many other fun tricks.

    Training tricks your Siberian husky puppy is all about having fun – there’s no corrections whatsoever. Got it?

    Siberian husky training takes time, repetition, consistency, patience – all the great attributes anything that ultimately rewards us comes with. The key is keeping sessions short, and if you feel like you can’t get your husky’s attention or your puppy feels to pressured then stop and take a breather. There’s always a day tomorrow, and if your puppy didn’t get it the first time, fifth time, well, he’ll get it the hundredth time. Your job is to keep training him and eventually you will get it right.

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    1. Sadie
      Aug 18th

      Thank you for your tips but what if your trying to teach your siberan huskey not to get on the chouch and your step-dad keeps telling the dog to come sit on the chouch?

      • Husky Training
        Aug 25th

        Hi Sadie,

        That’s not really going to work because your puppy will get confused. You will have to both train your husky the same thing. Try to work something out with your step-dad.

        Good luck!

    2. Dejan
      Oct 14th

      Thnx for this site,it rly helps out but what when u want ur husky to learn trick,like sit.
      and u say sit,how is he going to know what sit is?
      do u need to help him to sit?and when he does do it then il praise him and when he is not do it do i need to ask him again?
      so that there is there’s no corrections whatsoever.


      • Kevin
        Oct 14th

        Hi Dejan,

        When training your husky to sit you would:
        – Make him stand
        – Say the command
        – Beckon him to sit – help him get in the sitting position
        – Praise

        Good luck

    3. kayla
      Mar 4th

      if my husky runs some where and i call her she will just go farther and no one in my family wants her around because she jumps and bites but she just wants to play i can tell!does any one have suggestions please i need some advise!!

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