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    We all love our huskies, and when it comes to health, we particularly want our little ones eating the food that’s right for them. With so many options and brands often times we get confused and distressed as to which one is the best for our pup. The truth is that not all puppies are created equal. They have their own tastes, likes, dislikes – but you still have to realize that many commercial brand foods are quite bad for your dog. In fact, most commercial food contains harmful chemicals that are slowly killing your puppy.

    Cheap commercial food contains the minimum amount of nutrients your dog needs. Needless to say, those amounts are probably not enough for optimal health. Premium dog food costs an arm and a leg and owners like me who own multiple dogs don’t always have enough money for a treat like that. Nevertheless, I care about my dogs, and I hope that you do too. What I do is cook for my dogs using special recipes that can be found here. Every single one of my dogs is healthy and happy – and I know it.

    I used to feed my dogs commercial food before – and boy, was I having problems with them. One of my dogs suddenly got diarrhea every time I fed him Eukanuba – which was recommended by my vet saying that “It should do fine”. After putting him on rice and chicken for a few days I assumed the problem would be gone. I was wrong. As soon as I started feeding him Eukanuba again the same problem persisted. After going for another checkup and scan there was no visible problem found.

    I assumed it was the food so I looked for an alternative way. After learning some scary stuff about dog food I realized I was poisoning my puppies and dogs with commercial foods filled with tons of harmful by-products. After that, all my puppies went on my own special diet and I have never had a single problem with any of them. Of course, the transition took a week and a half, but they’re all happy and healthy now.

    But if you don’t have a few minutes to spare to make some homemade food for your pups then you can switch out to a higher quality commercial food such as Natural Balance Organic Formula. Here’s a nice little resource to teach you about reading dog food labels.

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