• Siberian Husky Dog Barking/Howling Too Much

    Husky HowlingBarking is a way dogs communicate. Just like some people can talk and talk nonstop, some dogs can inherit the same feminine traits to bark excessively. This can cause all sorts of emotions – but annoyance is the primary one. You might got complaints from your neighbors that your dog barks all day while you’re gone – and it’s an issue that most owners may not even be aware of until someone lets them know. The best solution to a barking dog is entertainment!

    It’s easier to train a little puppy to bark or howl less than retrain an experienced barker. The trick is adjusting our dog’s barking time to that which doesn’t bother us – such as at night. Your husky may bark as a result of confinement in a home, yard or kennel. Sometimes they are trying to tell you something important – such as a warning – and other times they talk about the fuzzy stuff they see on the ceiling. Sometimes your husky will bark because they’re lonely and want attention – kind of like a little child will cry for attention. Some huskies will bark excessively to release tension from lack of exercise. Your husky may also be super sensitive to the surroundings and respond with a bark to every little sound or movement around him.

    Your husky dog may be barking too much because you unknowingly rewarded his barking. If your husky barks and you yell back at him “Quit barking!” your husky will interpret this verbal attention as your approval for his barking so he will keep going.

    There are a few simple rules we have to follow to reduce excessive barking or howling.

    Reduce the number of times your husky barks per session. Eliminate situations that will trigger barking and increase the quiet times between barking sessions. Of course, it’s silly to think we should eliminate our dog’s barking completely. It’s okay for them to sound the alarm every now and then – just in moderation.

    Remember that leader pack status is important when training your husky to do anything – including less barking. Remember to praise your husky for doing stuff right – such as not bark. I know this may sound silly but you should praise your husky when he doesn’t bark especially in situations when he used to bark before. When he sits quietly not barking simply tell him “Good boy!”. Sound an alarm and let him bark in response. After a few times tell him “No bark”. After he stops praise him for being a good boy.

    If your husky barks too much after you leave the house change the way you leave. Don’t be emotional, just be “Goodbye, Jack”. Use deliberate set up by leaving and returning quietly to see if he is still barking. If he’s not then praise and reward. If he is, tell him goodbye and leave again. Don’t give up – sure enough, your husky will stop barking or howling so much.

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