• Shaving Husky Dog’s Coat

    Traveling around to hotter places with a Siberian husky may be a concern for you. The first question that pops to mind is, how can I keep my husky cool with all that triple coated fur? Should I shave that fur off to keep my husky cool? What should I do?

    The first and most important thing you need to know out of this article is that you should never shave your Siberian husky’s coat! Not only does the coat keep the husky dog warm in the winter but also acts as an insulator from heat during the summer! Although when you think of Siberian huskies you think of harsh cold conditions, huskies possess protection from extreme cold but also from heat!

    So if you’re moving to a warm/hot location from a cold place don’t worry about your husky dog. Those weather changes will not affect them whatsoever as they can adapt to it easily and have great protection from both the heat and the cold. Hope this article helps someone in need, just don’t make the mistake of shaving your Siberian husky thinking it’s going to keep them colder. In fact, it’s only going to expose your husky to more heat.

    Good luck to you and your husky!

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