• Find a Reputable Husky Dog Breeder

    There are many breeders offering husky dogs up for sale. But there aren’t many breeders that are truly reputable and have genuinely purebred healthy and problem-free dogs. It’s quite hard to know whether or not the breeder is reputable by looking at the pup. At first glance, all puppies will look almost the same. However, there are huge differences between a reputable breeder versus someone who’s not.

    It’s important to pick a reputable husky dog breeder if you want to know exactly what you’ll expect from your puppy in terms of health, personality, temperament and the such. This article covers some tips that you simply need to keep in mind when adopting a Siberian husky.

    One way to determine whether or not the breeder is reputable is by asking a few questions about the breed. The reputable breeder will answer your question with ease and know a lot of information about the breed they specialize in. They can tell you the husky puppy’s potential character traits, heath problems, temperament expectations, and so on. A backyard breeder, on the other hand, will probably not know that much about huskies. Also, reputable breeders will always guarantee that you’re getting a quality purebred puppy.

    The first thing I recommend is talking to your vet. Vets know lots of breeders and could recommend some that they thought looked genuine. Groomers and other people involved with husky dogs daily could also help you find a reputable husky breeder.

    Avoid classifieds when adopting your puppy. After all if the breeder really is genuine they will not need to list themselves anywhere as some of them are booked for years in advance. Most of the time classified breeders won’t offer any type of guarantee other than the initial 48 hours. Reputable breeders will offer a 1 year guarantee with lifetime support. If something were to happen to your pup that you adopted from classified ads 6 months later you would be disappointed to find no support and no warranty for anything.

    A reputable husky dog breeder will genuinely want to help their breed and will usually be involved in some kind of rescue services. A good breeder will accept a puppy back in case you can no longer take care of him. Although most breeders will not refund your money they care enough to give your puppy a home for the time being.

    Inspect the puppies thoroughly. Do you see runny noses, unclear eyes, disruptive temperament, or just a generally unhealthy look? Those may be signs of a bad breeder so beware. Be careful buying a puppy over the internet and be sure to ask for a video beforehand. If you can, take a look at the environment that the puppy was born and raised in. The better the environment, the better the breeder. How much space is there, and how many puppies are there? Is the place clean? What does the breeder feed your puppy? Is it healthy, natural food or the cheap stuff? Can the breeder provide you information about your puppy as well as the puppy’s parents and great parents? How many times a year does the mother have her litter? It shouldn’t be more than once.

    Stay with your puppy for a while and see how he or she behaves around other puppies. Is he fearful or aggressive? Does he engage in group activities or sit on the side? You might want to pick the lonely puppy because you feel bad for him but be careful – you could end up with a problematic dog in the future. Ask the breeder about the chronic conditions and special care involved with your husky.

    Does the breeder ask questions? A reputable breeder will care where his puppy is going and will only sell you his pup if he or she is sure that you are capable of owning one. A bad breeder, on the other hand, will sell the puppy to anyone as long as they write a fat check. Have a conversation with your breeder about huskies to determine how well educated he or she is.

    Now that you know what to look for once you found a breeder here are some places that you should definitely avoid in your hunt for huskies:

    • Puppy mills are dangerous places to get your puppy. They are usually mistreated and carry a lot of problems.
    • Backyard breeders usually breed dogs as much as possible for money. They will usually know little about the breed standards. Often they disregard the puppy’s overall health and proper feeding while selling them at 6 weeks of age because there’s too many.
    • Pet stores get puppies from puppy mills so avoid buying them from there as well.
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