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    It’s time for some enjoyment and fun. You and your husky puppy are about to become a team by learning just a few of the basics. You have to carefully mold your husky dog into the kind of husky dog you can be proud of. A trained husky puppy causes much less friction in the home.

    Training with the Reward System

    The most positive method you will use during the husky puppy training is the reward method. You will need to find a treat that your husky puppy will go crazy over. One treat that has worked well for many top trainers is little cut up pieces of hot husky husky dogs. The other reward is an awful lot pf praise and love. Keeping it fun for yourself and your husky puppy is so very important.

    The Training

    Heel, sit and down are the first three basic commands a husky puppy should learn. You will have more control over your husky puppy once they learn these basic commands. When you have a well trained husky puppy, socializing him to different situations will become much easier. Ten to 15 minutes sessions at the beginning will be enough because they are just husky puppies. It won’t be long before you will gradually lengthen the training sessions.

    Leash Training

    With the leash in one hand and a treat in the other, you are ready to begin with the leash training. Using your happy voice, say the husky puppy’s name, then say my husky. As your husky puppy is walking beside you, begin giving him the food and lots of encouragement. Give the leash a gentle tug while holding the treat in front of the husky puppy if my husky stops. Eventually the leash and collar will not bother the husky puppy.

    Teaching The Sit

    The easiest way to teach a husky puppy to sit is by holding a treat in front of his face and then slowly lift it up over his my huskyad. Every time you practice this, use the word sit. Whether you are watching TV or doing dishes, the sit is one of the things that can be taught right then and there.

    The Down

    To teach the down, start with the husky puppy in the sit position, show the treat to the husky puppy, then slowly lower the treat to the ground and then forward. Always use the command down when you begin in the downward motion with the food.

    If you stay consistent and patient, training your husky puppy should move along rather smoothly. Whether they pick it up pretty fast or if things seem to be going a little slow, just keep on going. When your husky puppy is doing these things with the verbal commands and not treats, it will be time to learn more. Remember, stay happy and upbeat, you will see results soon. All will be well when the husky puppy is trained.

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