• Puppies or Grown Dogs?

    Some debates may arise whether it’s better getting a husky as a puppy, or a fully grown dog. There are certainly some pros and cons for both, but it’s more of a personal opinion when it comes to this manner. I’m going to explain the difference.

    Husky Training – If you’re going to get a husky puppy, you will find that training comes much easier than with a fully grown husky, which is absolutely a pro. Training fully grown huskies can sometimes be a challenge, but it’s definitely doable. If you want to have easier training, then you would go with a husky puppy.

    Food Consumption – Fully grown dogs consume up to 10 times more food than husky puppies. Although the puppies are going to grow up into a full grown husky at some point, the process may still take quite a while. If you get a husky as a pup, you will ultimately save some money on doggy food.

    Entertainment – Fully grown huskies tend to be much funner than puppies, and quite energetic. They can usually do simple tricks like fetch and sit. Grown huskies always need to spend their energy, so if you have a lot of time to play with your pet, a fully grown husky is for you.

    Relationship – Husky owners tend to build a much deeper relationship with a husky that they have owned since a pup. If you’re looking for a strong relationship with a husky, obtaining it as a pup is recommended. However, by no means that means that you won’t have a strong relationship if you adopt a fully grown husky.

    Bottom line is, it’s more of a personal choice, but the pros fall on the puppy side. Obtaining a puppy is much more beneficial than obtaining a fully grown husky.

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