• Positive Reinforcement Puppy Training

    Positive Reinforcement Puppy TrainingTo start off I want to give you a gift – not just a gift, but the perfect gift for fresh husky owners. Click on the image to the right to view “The New Dog Owner’s Guide to Positive Reinforcement Puppy Training” absolutely free. This 130 page eBook is jam-packed with helpful dog training resources that every beginner husky owner needs. Learn the step-by-step techniques to move your relationship with your husky to a new level. If everyone got themselves a copy of this book then we’d have a lot less “disobedient” huskies around.

    I give my gratitude to Suzanne L Harris, the author of this amazing book, who let me share it with all of you. This is the next best thing to taking puppy classes – and much, much cheaper. (free) Don’t take this resource for granted just because you didn’t pay for it – you will find it extremely useful!

    To learn more about Suzanne Harris BSc, CPDT visit www.dogdaysusa.com

    What You’ll Find in This eBook

    This book includes a full 6-week puppy kindergarten class, jam-packed with step by step instructions on obedience training, tackling behavior problems, targeted worksheets to track your husky’s progress. You will learn all the basics of obedience training commands such as house training, as well as puppy socialization, chew training, importance of exercise, and bite inhibition.

    Left click to view and right click to save to your computer the free eBook “Positive Reinforcement Puppy Training“.

    Remember, the eBook is just the start – keep your eye out for my emails on the cutting edge dog care, nutrition resources, and training. While this book is suited best for beginner husky owners don’t despair – more valuable information is on its way!

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