• Everything to Know About Miniature Huskies

    Miniature husky is a breed that’s strong and durable for their size. Although they appear small, don’t underestimate their strength that’s derived from the Alaskan and Siberian huskies. The miniature husky is just as energetic as the full sized husky, containing the same beautiful eyes and double layered coat to protect them from harsh winters and hot sunny days. Although they are often mistake for the Klee Kai, it’s understandable as they share very similar characteristics and qualities. The miniature husky is a smaller version of the Siberian husky dog that holds all the personality traits as the full grown one.

    Buying a Miniature Husky Puppy

    Many Siberian husky lovers would like a husky but don’t have enough backyard space for playtime, or simply don’t have enough room in the house to keep one. Fortunately, the miniature husky is almost identical to the full grown Siberian husky, except much smaller in size. They consume less food, require less space, but they are still hyper and require lots and lots of exercise.

    Owning a pet can help you cope with stress and daily problems. Taking your miniature husky out for a walk is a nice time to freshen your mind and just have some bonding time with your miniature husky. Although these great little animals are lots of fun, there’s still just as much responsibility as owning the full grown husky. That means you still have to train you miniature puppy, housebreak your miniature puppy, house train your miniature puppy, and of course, I would recommend getting a companion for your miniature puppy if you can’t stay at home all day to keep an eye out. The miniature husky can still get destructive when bored, so having another miniature husky is recommended as they will keep each other entertained while you’re gone.

    Before you buy a miniature husky make sure you check out all the information available regarding the breed’s nature, temperament, potential illnesses and personality, and needs. The breeder should provide you all the information you need including the miniature husky’s ancestry information. Training a miniature puppy is still difficult and they will try to take advantage of you whenever they can. Keep consistent with your training and make sure that you don’t go out of your way and let your miniature husky do something he’s not supposed to.

    If you are looking for a watchdog type of breed then the miniature husky is definitely not for you. Not only they’re not watchdogs, (they’re sled dogs.. miniaturized) but their small size isn’t intimidating at all. The miniature husky is very brilliant and full of stamina. They will run around the house if you don’t provide enough exercise so make sure you understand that you will have to take your miniature husky out for a walk daily. Don’t let them off your leash until you trained them very well if you don’t want to spend 3 hours retrieving him.

    Feeding miniature huskies shouldn’t be much different than regular huskies, except in smaller doses. Just as always, create a routine schedule and feed your dog consistently on the same times of the day. When transitioning from one type of food to another, make sure to keep it steady and mix a small dose of the new food with the old food. Increase the new food’s dosage each day for about 12 days until your husky eats the new type of food alone. If your miniature husky shows any signs of digestion problems reduce the dosage.

    Miniature husky dogs can have blue, brown, or foxy colored eyes, and any other colors a regular husky can have. Brushing miniature huskies is required, and they are prone to hip dysplasia, certain eye problems, as well as epilepsy.

    Try to keep your miniature husky on high protein and fat diet, but low in carbohydrates. Premium food is recommended for your miniature husky to receive the maximum nutrition required. Be careful when making homemade food for your miniature husky that contain dairy as they may not digest it well.

    If your miniature husky shows loss of appetite but starts gaining lots of weight it’s the same illustration as someone eating too much junk food. The same can happen to dogs, so make sure not to feed your miniature husky any junk food and provide supplements if your vet recommends it. They are not the fighting type so in case of a confrontation with another offending dog the miniature husky would rather run away.

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