• Make a Husky Stop Jumping on People

    About 80% of all dog owners at some point starting having issues with their husky jumping on the owner or their friends/family. The reason behind this is simply because the dog is excited to see a new face. Let’s face it, huskies are very social dogs and as soon as that doorbell rings you may notice your husky’s excitement level rockets.

    The reason your puppy is jumping up on you is because of one simple fact: at some point, when your puppy jumped up on someone, he got rewarded.

    Now, what you need to do to change your puppy’s behavior is to stop praising his jumping behavior and start praising the behavior you want him to exhibit.

    For example, you come up to your puppy and immediately he puts his paws up on you from excitement. What you do right then is turn your back at him and ignore! You can look over your shoulder to see if your husky sits, and as soon as he does, reward with a treat.

    Many people will try to force their puppy in the sitting position, but I don’t recommend doing so. Simply wait until your puppy sits down and instantly provide a treat and words of praise.

    You can also train your husky dog to stop jumping on you by grabbing his or her paws and holding them for a while. Dogs tend to be very sensitive about their paws so make sure you don’t instantly release as soon as they pull – wait for a while, then give the command “Off” and release. As soon as your dog is down, praise and reward nicely and repeat the exercise.

    These methods should help you keep your husky puppy from jumping up. Always remember to treat your companion nicely and reward good behavior.

    Good luck!

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