• Alaskan Husky Sled Training

    The Alaskan huskies puppies are really not a breed of dog. Many vets consider the husky as a category of a broad range of species or types of dogs. While the literature on the husky is still quite contentious, many still agree that the husky, or more so, the Alaskan husky is an excellent sled […]

  • Husky House Training

    House training is one of the most confusing and misunderstood obedience lessons you will ever teach to a husky puppy. The idea of owning a gorgeous little furry friend sounds great, until the reality that you need to house train your husky becomes apparent. If you dread the idea of your husky staining your carpets […]

  • Husky Crate Training

    Are you searching for tips and advice on how to crate train your husky? Trust me you are one of many. Day after day, husky owners all around the world use crate training as a way to train their husky. It’s a proven method to prevent negative behaviours such as barking, biting and chewing. Crate […]

  • Husky Puppy Training Tips

    A Husky Puppy is one of the cutest puppies on the planet. Many husky owners will spends months or even years deciding what husky is perfect for their family. For some owners getting a husky is a spur of the moment decision. Some questions to consider when choosing your husky: Will my husky get along […]

  • Train Husky Puppy to Roll Over

    The roll over trick is a great addition to your husky’s tricks collection. After applying the tips on this page, when given the command, your husky should successfully roll over completely. What You Need A husky dog A bag of treats 15 minutes a day Some patience Take your husky out to a quiet place […]

  • Make a Husky Stop Jumping on People

    About 80% of all dog owners at some point starting having issues with their husky jumping on the owner or their friends/family. The reason behind this is simply because the dog is excited to see a new face. Let’s face it, huskies are very social dogs and as soon as that doorbell rings you may […]

  • How to NOT Train a Husky Puppy

    Many new husky owners are wondering whether or not you should punish your little pup for doing stuff wrong. Although the method of punishing does have some effect (primarily because you are making your pup afraid of you), a real relationship with your companion should not involve any type of punishment. Instead, make your puppy […]

  • Husky Dog Training

    Husky dog training is important because dogs don’t think like humans do – which is why we have to train our huskies. In the wild huskies would normally be part of a pack and there’s always the alpha dog. Similarly, to your husky, your household is considered to be the pack, and if nobody is […]

  • The Hidden Secrets to Husky Training Methods

    A Siberian husky is one of the best companions and owning one is a great experience. A Siberian husky is beautiful, intelligent and friendly. Owning a dog is great responsibility, and most of the work is actually in the training. Before one can embark on training a Siberian husky, it is vital to first understand […]

  • How to Train Your Siberian Husky to Speak

    Training your Siberian husky to speak is not only fun but it also encourages your puppy to stay quiet until you give him the command to speak. This trick can be mastered quite easily but will take some patience. THINGS YOU NEED A Siberian husky Baggie of treats An enthusiastic personality Doorbell or something that […]

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