• How to Remove Ticks From a Husky

    What the Husky are Ticks? Ticks are small parasites that partially burrow themselves into the skin of animals, birds, and sometimes reptiles, in order to suck the blood of the unlucky host. After finding their preferred location and initiating the feeding, a tick will remain stationary for days, reveling in the infinite abundance of nutrients.  […]

  • Why Can’t Huskies Digest Grains and Starches

    It’s time for a little biology 101 lesson. Dogs and cats need a lot of good quality protein. The kind of protein and food found in a raw fresh food diet without any chemicals or additives. So, it’s no surprise that dogs and cats can’t easily digest vegetables or grains unless they are partially digested […]

  • Husky Bathing

    Some owners don’t realize the importance of bathing their huskies. They need to understand that if not done correctly their huskies can end up suffering from an infection. Ear infections are common because during husky bathing, water can easily get into your husky’s ears and cause symptoms such as discharge from the ears. To prevent […]

  • Husky Feeding

    Peoples knowledge about husky feeding will normally depend on their experiences while raising huskies. The real answers to questions about husky feeding should be found through scientific research. It’s best to refer to scientific studies as well as speaking to experienced husky breeders and a vet when making husky feeding decisions. How Much Should I […]

  • Siberian Husky Care 101

    Siberian Huskies are known as beautiful, energetic and free spirited dogs. They make very good companions as well as excellent sled dogs. They are intelligent, good natured and also good around children. It is therefore paramount that they are well taken care of as they can live to be twelve to fifteen and sometimes even […]

  • Common Husky Dog Health Issues

    There are various diseases that have been associated with Siberian huskies. Some are hereditary while some occur through the course of the dog’s life. One of the diseases that have been associated with Siberian huskies is Hip Dysplasia. Simply explained, hip dysplasia is a condition that occurs when the structure of the hip joint is […]

  • Siberian Husky Feeding & Diet

    We all love our huskies, and when it comes to health, we particularly want our little ones eating the food that’s right for them. With so many options and brands often times we get confused and distressed as to which one is the best for our pup. The truth is that not all puppies are […]

  • How Much to Feed a Siberian Husky

    You will notice that a Siberian husky has high metabolism as they love to exercise and run around all day long – which means that their food consumption should be rather high. In fact, Siberian huskies don’t eat too much food. Of course, the exact portion depends from husky to husky, but in general, a […]

  • Shaving Husky Dog’s Coat

    Traveling around to hotter places with a Siberian husky may be a concern for you. The first question that pops to mind is, how can I keep my husky cool with all that triple coated fur? Should I shave that fur off to keep my husky cool? What should I do? The first and most […]

  • Dealing with Veterinarian Negligence

    Sometimes we have to put our previous huskies at the care of a stranger – a local veterinarian – when spaying, neutering, surgery, or other procedures. Some cases do occur that the caretaker of your husky ends up screwing up the surgery, or lets your dog run loose for one reason or another. While your […]

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