• Husky Corophagia (Poop Eating)

    Why your husky eats its own or other dog’s poop is probably a complete mystery to you. Not only is it completely unattractive it is also very unhealthy for your husky. Don’t be completely surprised if your husky exhibits such behavior as it is not too out of the ordinary. Corophagia, the correct scientific term […]

  • Husky Digging

    The Nordic breeds (Huskies, Malamutes and members of the Spitz family) are are all prone to digging. Some dog experts would suggest that you should steer clear of the Nordic breeds because of digging problems. With the amount of energy that huskies carry, digging can be a way that your husky uses to remain engaged […]

  • Husky Biting

    Most husky owners will need to find out about preventing husky biting some time. If your husky has a habit of biting it can be quite a disturbing thing for you and anybody that your husky comes into contact with. It is important to figure out what is behind this negative behavior so you can […]

  • Husky Jumping

    If you have the problem of your husky jumping on you or other people, you will need to take positive steps to put an end to this situation. Huskies are a breed that really enjoys face to face interaction with people. Your husky at times can be overly enthusiastic around people which leads to your […]

  • Husky Aggresion

    Huskies are great family dogs because of their longing to belong to a pack. Under normal circumstances they are very loving and affectionate to adults, children and other dogs. However, One of the Huskies first roles in Siberian culture was as a look out and to guard against large animals and intruders. From time to […]

  • Husky Chewing

    When attempting to turn your husky puppy away from chewing, you should keep in mind that chewing, just like digging is a natural husky puppy activity. Husky puppies will chew on objects not matter what you do. This is normally because they are going through teething or they have nothing else to keep them occupied. […]

  • Husky Barking

    I’m about to teach you how to stop your husky barking. Unlike other dog behavior problems there is only a limited amount of solutions for husky barking. Keep in mind that just as humans are born to speak, dogs are born to bark. Although huskies are known for howling rather than barking, they still have […]

  • Dealing With Husky Puppy Dominance

    All husky owners at some point have to deal with dominance issues. Whether their puppy is exerting dominance over their owner, property, food, or toys – it’s all the same. But the question still stands: How do you stop your husky dog from being so dominant? Are there some kind of dominance tips husky owners […]

  • Tired of Your Husky’s Destructive Behavior?

    Everyone at some point has to deal with their puppy’s destructive behavior. Your puppy could be chewing your carpet with no thought of stopping, or digging your backyard like there’s no tomorrow. This behavior is completely normal. All that means is that there’s nothing wrong with your husky. On the other hand, you, as the […]

  • Siberian Husky Dog Barking/Howling Too Much

    Barking is a way dogs communicate. Just like some people can talk and talk nonstop, some dogs can inherit the same feminine traits to bark excessively. This can cause all sorts of emotions – but annoyance is the primary one. You might got complaints from your neighbors that your dog barks all day while you’re […]

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