• Is a Siberian Husky Dog Right for Me?

    Interested in buying a husky dog or puppy, but don’t quite know whether husky dogs are right for you? Here’s a summarized list of pointers that will help you decide.

    Spacious House – One of husky’s needs is a spacious house and plenty of room to run around. Huskies enjoy open space and fresh atmosphere. Providing your husky with a spacious house is quite a necessity. Be aware that huskies tend to get bored pretty quickly and having a spacious house will give your husky at least some space to enjoy itself.

    Backyard Playground – Huskies love to run around and enjoy the sun. One of huskies’ favorite time is play time, so having a lot of backyard space is a common necessity, just as important as having a spacious house. In order for your husky to grow and remain healthy, he or she must exercise every single day. Without a roomy backyard, that may not always be possible.

    Training Time – If you have just adopted a husky puppy you must be aware that it’s essential that you provide your husky with proper training at an early age. If you want your husky to become obedient and demonstrate proper behavior, have the will to put aside at least 20 minutes a day to train your husky.

    Since huskies have originated from the fierce sled dogs in Siberia, their rebellious instincts have not left them. Training huskies is different than most dogs, so it’s important to understand that it may take slightly more time and patience with a husky, but is well worth it.

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    1. Yngve Lyng Lillevik
      Nov 24th

      Hi Thanks a lot for the report. Your book is on my list to Santa this year.

      We got Lukas in to our lives trough the “backdoor” (stepdougthers ex’s idea. No thoughts behind it, they wanted a cute puppy…) So he became my best buddy. (I’ve wanted one since early youth….I’m now 41.)
      Lukas is a mix between Malamute and Greenland/eskimo dog. His turning 10 months in some days. Quite a handfull, over 60 cm high and over 30 kg. Loves to run, play and sleep a lot.

      I looking for help in obedience, eating and training dept. We have a large house (we still don’t trust him to be inside alone, shoes, books and other tings seams to taste good) and we have build a dog yard (9kvm) a dog house is under construction.

      Lukas seems to catch any opertunity to run off. Ideeas?

      My wifes sister is afraid of large dogs. She got 2 kids (3-5 years old) They love Lukas but seems to take on their mothers fear trough her talking. Ideas?

      Is there a forum you would recomend?

      Best regards from Lukas and the rest of us
      Merete and Yngve

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