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    Cute Husky PuppyHusky puppy training is no easy task. Your job, as a beginner husky owner, is to transform your disobedient little puppy into an obedient, social member of society that knows its place. Training can start as early as the day you adopt your puppy – there is no such thing as starting too early. Wouldn’t you rather set your husky puppy on the right path to begin with than correct him later on?

    Your role is to create a relationship between you and your puppy. A relationship that sets an understanding between you two in terms of who’s allowed to do what. Husky puppies enjoy making their owners happy. They enjoy to run around and have fun. They enjoy a good meal. They enjoy to discover new things.. in places that you often wouldn’t want him to discover them. But remember, your puppy doesn’t have a mind like you do – hence they don’t understand that peeing in the house is bad, scratching the couch is bad, chasing every moving thing is bad, biting too hard and chewing too much is also bad.

    When a puppy does any of those things often times dog owners will blame the dog – failing to realize that it’s them who failed at training their dog. Some dog owners will punish their puppy over and over again without any luck – simply because they don’t understand how a puppy thinks.

    If you have ever blamed your dog for anything you have to realize that your puppy doesn’t know what it’s supposed to do. They don’t try to make you mad. They don’t try to make a mess or make you unhappy. In fact, whenever they make you unhappy they feel guilty. Often times a puppy ends up living a life of guilt simply because the dog gets yelled at and blamed for everything that happens around. This type of behavior will create confusion and your puppy will have a hard time re-learning everything.

    Don’t make the mistake of blaming your puppy for anything. The best way to start training your puppy is to stop making the mistakes that prevent your puppy from being trained. Not only do you need to start implementing new methods of training but you need to stop punishing your puppy no matter what.

    Puppies are like children – they are very simple minded. They see their life in its simplest form and all they want to really do is get praise and reward from their masters. Puppies are willing to do anything for it- which is why this is the best proven training method out there.

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