• Husky Puppy Training Tips

    A Husky Puppy is one of the cutest puppies on the planet. Many husky owners will spends months or even years deciding what husky is perfect for their family. For some owners getting a husky is a spur of the moment decision.

    Some questions to consider when choosing your husky:

    • Will my husky get along with my kids?
    • Will my husky bond with the other animals in my home?
    • Does my husky puppy have the temperament and disposition that I am looking for?

    There are some very important questions you will need to ask yourself when bring a husky into your family.

    Time – Realise that Huskies do require a good amount of time. Huskies need at least 45 minutes of vigorous walking every day. Regular exercise will help a huge amount with the overall obedience of your husky. They are also very pack orientated and need plenty of attention and affection either from you or other family pets. Husky puppy training requires quality time.

    Money – A husky will inevitably cost you money. There are cost for pet food, vaccinations, medical check ups and any veterinarian emergencies. Huskies do have relatively few medical problems but keep the money factor in mind.

    Size – Huskies grow to be between 35 and 60 lbs. They are considered to be medium sized dogs. They require a good sized yard with a high fence to play in. Do you have the space for your husky puppy to play and run in?

    Searching – You can start your search by looking in the breeders section of huskytips.com. Here you will find breeders from most parts of the world. The SPCA and local shelter will also have a selection of huskies.

    The personality of a husky will begin to show through at around 6 – 8 weeks. When selecting your husky make sure that your husky is happy to be picked up and held by you. Play with the husky puppy and see if they are happy to play. You will quickly be able to see if their personality is what you are looking for.

    Husky Puppy Training and Development

    A huskies development follows along the same lines as a child. They need the neccesities of life like food, water and shelter. They will learn news things very quickly at the puppy stage of life. Husky puppy training can be a real joy if you do it right.
    The more you can engage with your husky early in their life the better. Playing with your husky keep them physically fit and mentally active early in life.

    Week 1 – 2
    Your husky is completely reliant on its mother and you. Their eyes will start to open around this time. They will be very familiar with the smell of their mother and the closer they are to their mother the safer they will feel.

    Week 3 – 4
    Your husky is starting to recognize you and things other than its mother. You need to make sure that nothing life changing happens to your husky in these formative weeks. Keep your husky’s life calm and consistent. Your husky will cling to it’s mother and let them do so. The mom is a very important figure at this time and will start teaching the little huskies how to be a dog.

    Week 4 – 8
    Your husky is now starting to interact with its siblings. Your husky will be actively playing with the other puppies in the litter by week 8. Weaning is normally happen in this period. The mother will start to teach your husky about eating ettiquette and a few other rules. Your husky is still not quite ready to be separated from its mother. The mother still has life lessons to pass on to the husky puppy. This is the period where you can trial your husky puppy on puppy food.

    Special Considerations with Husky Puppy Training
    Your puppy will go through a very insecure and vulnerable time at 8 weeks. This is not the time to make any major changes in their life. Things that your husky was used to may all of a sudden become scary. Be careful not to shout at your husky as this may startle them and make them anxious. This is a good time to teach simple husky puppy training behaviors such as sit and stay. Start with the first steps of Crate Training.

    Week 12 – 16
    At 12 weeks your husky is growing in confidence and becoming more independant. With each day your huskies character and personality will come out more. Your husky is starting to learn about choices and he may not comply with simple commands that he already knows. Your husky will love to play fight and will try to intice you into play fighting games. Be wary that these types of games can lead to obedience problems such as aggression, biting and chewing.

    Week 16 onwards
    A four months your husky is entering the teen stage. Your husky is going through a lot of hormonal changes so don’t be surprised if some obedience problems come up. Your husky will also have the combined problem of teething. This is not a great time for your husky so try to be understanding. Keep something cold in your freezer for your husky to chew on. The teen stage ends at 6 months which is a perfect time to spay or neuter your husky if that is what you plan to do.

    Husky puppy training should be progressing at this stage. Puppy school and obedience classes are recommended or if this is not possible purchase a quality step-by-step husky puppy training guide online.

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