• Husky Obedience Commands

    Every husky owner needs to teach their dog a few basic obedience commands. Among some which include come, sit, stay, wait, lie down, walk on a leash, and others. This is important to establish a good relationship with your dog – moreover, it’s fun! I would suggest starting off with leash training your puppy. This will make walking your dog much easier and enjoyable for both of you.

    Train your husky to speak on command which will ultimately stop him from howling or barking whenever they want to. If you can tell them when to do it, they will know when not to do it – whenever you don’t tell them to. It’s a simple concept that works for lots of things. Your husky simply wants the right way of doing things.

    Train your husky to sit because sitting is not only important when you want your dog to stop moving, but it’s also one of the major instructions before training your husky other tricks such as lie down or roll over. It’s also important to make your husky sit before giving him a meal to establish ranks.

    Husky obedience commands can’t be taught or learned in one day. Don’t overwhelm your dog – take it one day at a time. Remember to take 15 minute breaks whenever your husky starts getting distracted and use treats to keep his attention.

    Remember one simple concept – praise and reward every time your husky completes something you ask. This will make a metal note for them that doing something after you give a command will result in praise and a yummy treat. They quickly learn that obeying commands results in happy owner, and happy owner results in a happy husky. So don’t underestimate the importance of positive reinforcement – it’s actually one of the best training methods out there.

    It may take as much as 10 times before your dog understands the command. When you think your husky has learned the command try it again without a treat. If your dog doesn’t respond don’t say anything – simply do it again with a treat and praise every time your husky does what he’s supposed to do.

    If your dog doesn’t sit or do the command that you’re trying to teach him – don’t yell or punish him. He is doing nothing wrong – he’s just learning. Remember, when you’re teaching your dog a command, don’t repeat it many times – say it just once. This is because your husky might think that he doesn’t have to do the command the first time.

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