• Husky Jumping

    If you have the problem of your husky jumping on you or other people, you will need to take positive steps to put an end to this situation. Huskies are a breed that really enjoys face to face interaction with people. Your husky at times can be overly enthusiastic around people which leads to your husky jumping on you or others.

    When your husky is small, jumping isn’t a big problem. As your husky becomes larger and more powerful, your husky jumping is more of a concern. People may find your husky intimidating or just a plain nuisance. The worst case scenario is that your husky causes injury to yourself or another person.

    Ways To Stop Your Husky Jumping

    The easiest thing you can do to stop your husky jumping is to get down to your husky’s level by kneeling. Your husky will then be able to have face to face contact without jumping up to you. Your husky is merely trying to see you face to face.

    If that technique doesn’t work, try turning your back and ignoring your husky when they jump on you. Look up and away and do not acknowledge your husky until he has settled and sat down. Huskies are longing for attention and hate to be ignored. That is the reason they are jumping on you in the first place. If you want this method to work you have to be prepared to ignore your husky completely until he has settled down. If you acknowledge your husky before he has settled the training technique will not work.

    The final technique that I will teach today is especially helpful for adult huskies that are fully grown. Wait until your husky jumps up on at and when they do gently and safely take hold of your huskies front legs. Slowly make your husky walk backwards a few feet. Then slowly and deliberately lower your huskies front legs to the ground while using the command “down” simultaneously.

    The Importance of Consistent Training with Husky Jumping

    It won’t take long for you to get your husky out of the habit of jumping. You just need to remain consistent with the method that you choose to stop your husky jumping. It is very important that all members of your family follow this same training plan. Otherwise you’re the husky jumping problem you have will continue because your husky is confused.

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