• Husky Dogs

    Husky dogs were originally bred to withstand harsh weather and working condition. Siberian huskies, as well as Alaskan huskies were both used in sled racing, although the Alaskan husky dominated the Siberian husky with more speed and endurance.

    Huskies have double coats that keep them warm during any weather conditions. When it comes to adopting husky dogs, you need to watch out if you’re adopting a grown husky. I recommend adopting husky puppies instead of husky dogs since you aren’t the husky’s leader and training grown huskies is extremely difficult.

    Training husky puppies is easier when they’re still small, normally around the age of 6 months. That’s when the husky puppy starts marking territory and becomes rebellious. That’s the time you need to stand up and show your husky that kind of behavior is unacceptable and you’re the leader in the house. Once your puppy learns that, you will have an obedient husky dog.

    Husky dogs are much harder to train than other breeds of dogs. Whether it’s Siberian or Alaskan huskies, they are sly and will try to manipulate you to get their way. When you walk your husky, you walk first, you get out of the door first, you lead first, show your husky that you are the dominant leader and your husky is the follower. That’s how the dog pack instincts work and your husky will not obey you unless you’re the strong firm leader.

    Huskies are best to house train when they’re small, particularly after few months of age. Crate training is particularly important as it’s going to help you housebreaking your husky puppy. Placing a husky inside a crate will eliminate unwanted mess around the house as huskies instinctively don’t go to the bathroom inside their “den”.

    You can find many husky dogs for sale at your local husky dog adoption center or rescue center. Animal shelters may contain husky dogs available for adoption. Check out pet adoption service websites for any husky puppies for sale around your area.

    Husky dogs may show signs of aggression if they’re untrained. Although they can be trustworthy and friendly, they can be quite rebellious and aggressive towards anyone the husky doesn’t trust. Huskies are also very manipulative and sly, and will try to take advantage of you any time they can. Getting outsmarted by a dog should be an embarrassment for any human being, but then again, it is a husky dog.

    Husky dogs can do various dog tricks such as lay down, speak, fetch, roll over, and dozens of others. Training your husky may be slightly difficult and you have to have a strong relationship with your husky to get any kind of results. Huskies can trust people, but only the ones they want to trust. They will trust their pack leader, but other than that, not many other people.

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