• Husky Dog Behavior Training

    Husky Dog Behavior TrainingHusky dog behavior training is the process of teaching your husky the correct way to behave itself around you and others. Rules are everywhere and it’s the only way to keep some sort of order – the same applies to your dog. If you want order in a country, you need good rules to manage all the states and cities. If you want order in a family you need strong leadership in parents. Likewise, if you want your husky to show some order and respect then you need to set the rules. And not only set rules but also enforce them no matter what. Don’t bend the rules – your husky dog would rather see the world in black and white than shades of gray.

    Behavior training is important to ensure your husky learns good habits and becomes a cultivated and civilized member of society. Pulling on the leash, disobeying commands, peeing in the house, not getting out of the way of humans are some of the signs that your husky dog is not behavior trained. Of course, you will need to do your part and build a strong relationship between you and your dog as the basis of your training. Don’t try to make your dog stuff that he may get annoyed doing. Only train your dog to do those things that are necessary. The other stuff such as tricks are just for fun – and nothing else. Avoid frustrating your husky and take breaks between training sessions.

    If you see good performance don’t delay to praise and reward your husky. This will not only be a motivator but will also teach your husky exactly what’s “right”. So in other words, if you can teach your dog the right way of doing things, he will stop doing them the wrong way. Remember, huskies have feelings – and when you punish or yell your dog then it will put negative feelings in your dog. Your husky has many feelings that you do including happiness, excitement, love, fear, and of course, guilt. When they make you unhappy – no matter what it is – they don’t wonder why you’re unhappy.. they just blame themselves for it.

    Whenever your husky is being disobedient you can use simple “penalizing” techniques to correct him. This doesn’t mean punish – there’s a difference. For example if your dog is pulling on the leash you can jerk it a little or completely stop until he stops pulling. Just a simple thing your husky doesn’t like. Avoid hurting your dog. When your husky is whining for food you can simply ignore him. Soon enough he will feel guilty, thinking that he did something wrong, and soon correct his behavior.

    Study your husky and see the responses. Take some time each day to enforce all the rules and never overwhelm your dog. Keep persisting and you will surely get your rewards.

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