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    The Nordic breeds (Huskies, Malamutes and members of the Spitz family) are are all prone to digging. Some dog experts would suggest that you should steer clear of the Nordic breeds because of digging problems. With the amount of energy that huskies carry, digging can be a way that your husky uses to remain engaged and active. Your husky will have its own unique character and temperament. This along with the owners training philosophy will determine whether your husky likes to dig.

    There are two vastly different philosophies when it comes to your husky digging:

    The first view is that a husky has natural tendencies and that these natural tendencies such as digging, should be allowed to flourish. The other view is that huskies should be trained how to stop digging until all risk of your husky expressing itself through digging is gone.

    My point of view lies somewhere in the middle of these two opinions. It is a fact of life that the majority of huskies love to dig. For you, it is a matter of drawing the line at what is acceptable behavior from your husky and what isn’t. If your husky is digging already, you’ll need to start thinking outside the square to turn this behavior around.

    It IS possible to have a husky that is enjoying puppyhood without wrecking your back yard with digging holes. There are a number of proven techniques that will stop your husky digging in a destructive way. I’ll get to that shortly.

    To decrease the likelihood of your husky digging, try a combination of the following methods;

    Increase Exercise To Stop Your Husky Digging

    The husky is legendary for its stamina and endurance levels. Exercise is by far the best way to expend any excess energy that your husky has. Your husky is of working dog stock and every working dog needs to have fulfilling work in its life. If you don’t provide the opportunity to work, your husky will revert to digging as a way to pass time and burn energy. On the other digging can be a means to an ends for a husky, who wants to escape no matter what the price. Huskies have a natural desire to explore and find things.

    Solutions are obvious if you start putting yourself in your husky position. If your husky is not getting enough exercise, take him for more walks or jogs. Personally I prefer to take my husky for a run while riding on my bicycle You need to teach your husky not to run into the line of the bike when cycling. It takes a fair amount of skill to hold a husky while riding your bike so be careful.

    Husky Separation Anxiety

    If your missing you and overly anxious, digging out to find out where you have gone is a possibility. Husky Separation Anxiety is a pyschological problem that is relatively common among huskies and dogs in general. Separation Anxiety is a huge topic in itself.

    What To Do If Your Husky is Bored

    If your husky is bored, the first thing you should do is make sure your husky has at least a few toys and chews. This will at least take up some of your husky’s time during the day. Hopefully this helps your husky to expend enough energy that they are distracted from digging. If your husky continues to dig even with toys and chews available, your husky may need to be crated or contained away from your yard.

    Ways To Stop Your Husky Digging

    If your husky has it’s heart set on digging and you have run out of ideas, try some of these basic husky digging tips:

    Restricting Access – This is the only fullproof way to prevent your husky from digging is a certain area. Unfortunately it is not always convinient or realist for a husky to be kept away from the yard area.

    Natural Deterrents – 99% of huskies will steer clear of digging anywhere near their own poo. Even if your husky eats poop (known as Coprophagia) 99.9% of dogs will shy back, horrified, from the prospect of digging anywhere that there’s dog poop. Even if your husky eats poop (a condition known as coprophagia) they will still normally refain from digging near to their poop. Huskies have a natural dislike for soiling and dirtying their own coat and paws.

    Rethinking your Garden Layout – If you have some delicate parts of your garden you may wish to think about fencing off a certain part of your garden. There is also the options of planting hardier fauna that has deep roots and natural defenses from a huskies paws.

    A Long Term Husky Digging Solution

    If you are moving into a new house, or if you want to create a better long term solution try this: Remove (if you are yet to turf your property this should be done prior to turfing) the first couple of inches of your lawn. This should be done in an organized and tidy manner. Lay down chicken-wire on the bare dirt and relay your lawn on top of the chicken wire. Your husky will find that digging is not enjoyable and is pointless. Provided you have full coverage of the yard, your husky will not dig in this area again.

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