• Husky Chewing

    When attempting to turn your husky puppy away from chewing, you should keep in mind that chewing, just like digging is a natural husky puppy activity. Husky puppies will chew on objects not matter what you do. This is normally because they are going through teething or they have nothing else to keep them occupied. To stop chewing you need to distract your husky puppy by keeping them busy with other activities. This way they are less likely to chew things you value such as shoes, socks, power cables, underwear and furniture.

    Why You Need to Stop Your Husky Chewing

    Even though chewing as part of teething is a natural behavior, it’s definitely not a good idea to turn a blind eye when your husky is chewing. You should reinforce to your husky puppy that it is not acceptable to chew anything it likes. You must give your puppy different options to prevent your husky chewing.

    Ways to Stop Your Husky Chewing

    There are a number of options that you have on hand to prevent your husky chewing. To begin with, refrain from yelling or hitting your husky. Even if you get extremely frustrated try not to take it out on your husky puppy. Abusive behavior from an owner will merely confuse your husky and make him feel anxious. As an alternative, use the following methods:

    Chewing Replacement – When you find your husky chewing something valuable, immediately replace the valuable item with a toy that they are allowed to chew. When you give this toy over to your puppy, make sure you praise and reward your husky puppy for chewing on the correct thing. This way the puppy learns to recognize what objects it’s allowed to chew.

    Occupied Husky – Huskies chew because they are bored. Chewing takes up a good amount of energy and your husky wants to burn energy constantly. The best way to prevent chewing is to keep them occupied while you are around and well exercised. While you are away give your husky puppy objects that you know they enjoy playing with.

    Husky Crate Training – Creating a separate territorial space for your husky at a young age generally makes them want to stay in a certain area. This cuts down the options that your husky has for chewing and can therefore limit any damage your husky may cause. For example you can crate train your husky to stay in a single room.

    Aversion Sprays – It is possible to spray substances on certain objects in your household that will deter your husky from chewing them. Natural sprays such as Cayenne Pepper and Bitter Apple taste foul to dogs. Huskies are quick to pick up associations and they will recognize what is good to chew and what isn’t.

    Chewing habits in husky puppies are natural. Should your husky extend this to chewing people or possessions this is a problem that needs to be addressed quickly.

    Staying Consistent with Husky Chewing Training

    To achieve the goal of stopping husky chewing, keep your actions as an owner as consistent as possible. Don’t use objects you normally wouldn’t want them chewing as alternatives. For example don’t give your husky an old pair of shoes to chew if you don’t want him chewing shoes. Give your husky a unique toy or object which is just for chewing. The more consistent you are with your rules, the quicker your husky will learn.

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