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    Most husky owners will need to find out about preventing husky biting some time. If your husky has a habit of biting it can be quite a disturbing thing for you and anybody that your husky comes into contact with. It is important to figure out what is behind this negative behavior so you can take charge of the situation. A husky may initially be play biting but if this habit is allowed to continue it can develop into more aggressive and harmful biting. This is obviously not a safe situation for family, strangers and other dogs. Biting as a behavior needs to be addressed as early as possible to put an end to it.

    How To Prevent Your Husky Puppy From Biting

    When your husky is a puppy, it is the easy to make sure that you eliminate biting as a habit. Training to overcome bad behavior is very easy when your husky puppy is under five month old. The first five months of a huskies life is when biting as a habit is formed which mean it’s the best time to retrain the habit.

    A lot of people assume that play biting from there husky is normal when they are teething. The reality is that your husky is following its natural instinct to attempt to take the alpha role in the pack. Huskies, even at a young age, use biting as a way to assert dominance. As with all dog training, preventing your husky from biting starts with asserting yourself as the leader in the alpha role. If this is done when you’re husky is a puppy, biting as well as other negative behaviors become less likely to occur.

    There are also other ways to prevent your husky puppy from biting. The trick is to treat your husky puppy as it would be treated in a pack by its mother and fellow puppies. Distraction is a good method where you offer your husky puppy a toy to take their focus off what they are biting. Alternatively you can try a slight pinch to the neck or making a high pitched noise when bitten. All of these methods can deter your husky puppy from biting. As a last resort professional help from an experience dog trainer is a good option.

    How To Stop Husky Biting At Year One

    If nipping and biting forms as a habit in your husky’s first year, don’t be surprised if your husky gets a little rougher at around 12 months old. If your husky is biting at this age, it’s important to stop playing rough games with your husky. Steer away from games where your husky is challenged to assert itself and to fight for dominance.

    As stated earlier, make sure that your husky knows that you are in the alpha position. Restrict your husky to certain parts of the yard and certain rooms in your house, if any. Husky crate training can also be used as a training method to stop your husky biting. Should this fail enrolment into obedience classes will benefit your husky greatly. Also it will give you as an owner more knowledge on how to remain in the alpha role.

    How To Stop Your Mature Husky Biting

    If your mature husky is biting people or other pets, chances are this behavior has formed in younger years. This becomes a big problem for anyone who may come into contact with your husky including the owner. In your husky’s mind, they constantly need to assert their dominance over others.

    If your husky still has issues with biting after 12 months of age, it is definitely time to seek help from an experienced dog obedience trainer. Should your husky make an attack your husky may need to be put down or even worse somebody may be badly injured.

    As with all husky training, good habits early in your huskies life will benefit you and them greatly. With the right training to prevent husky biting, there is very little chance that your husky will start biting at a mature age

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