• Husky Bathing

    Some owners don’t realize the importance of bathing their huskies. They need to understand that if not done correctly their huskies can end up suffering from an infection. Ear infections are common because during husky bathing, water can easily get into your husky’s ears and cause symptoms such as discharge from the ears. To prevent this from happening, large cotton balls can be placed in their ears while being bathed. Make sure you don’t put any small objects in your husky’s ears obviously.

    How Often Should I Bath My Husky

    Huskies don’t require husky bathing often. Their coat is thick and if washed too regularly their skin and coat loses its natural oils and protective characters. Once every couple of months is more than enough, although they may require extra baths if they suffer from diarrhea and it gets on their coat. Obviously if your husky plays in the dirt and gets filthy it is a good idea to bath them.

    You need to be careful what type of soap or shampoo you use during husky bathing. There are certain types of soaps that cause irritation during husky bathing. As a rule of thumb stay away from human shampoo and soap products. They normally contain the wrong type or amount of ingredients in them. Stick to specialized dog shampoos as they have the right amount of ingredient types. When using a new product during husky bathing it is best to try a small amount of the product on a small area of your husky.

    You really need to be organized and patient when bathing your husky. Keep all your husky bathing products and tools in one place near a source of water. You may choose to bath your husky in the family bath. If you do this then make sure you sterilize the bath afterwards with bleach. The best option is to have a small bath that you if used only for husky bathing.

    Huskies are not great water dogs and prefer water to be kept to a minimum. You may wish to sprinkle water over them or use a hose on low pressure. Massage and lather your husky bathing soap onto them. Try to make bathing a nice experience for your husky and they are more likely to stay still and calm during bathing. Rivers and oceans are alternatives to a bath.

    What You Need For Husky Bathing

    Essential items to have when you are husky bathing are a leash (option during bathing), shampoo, conditioner, a brush and a dog towel. Conditioner is a great idea for husky bathing as it will really assist with the drying and brushing process after the bathing. Bathing should be an enjoyable experience for both husky and owner. You may wish to hire the services of a professional dog groomer. I recommend doing this at least once to see what technique they use for bathing as well and drying and grooming.

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