• Husky Barking

    I’m about to teach you how to stop your husky barking. Unlike other dog behavior problems there is only a limited amount of solutions for husky barking. Keep in mind that just as humans are born to speak, dogs are born to bark. Although huskies are known for howling rather than barking, they still have an inbuilt urge to express themselves through barking.

    Prior to getting your husky’s barking under control, it is essential to have knowledge about the different types of barking and which types you can manage.

    Why Does Your Husky Bark?

    There are many reasons why huskies bark. Aggression, enjoyment and being frightened are all reason why husky barking may occur. The following is an overview of reasons your husky may bark.

    • Territorial Husky Barking
    • Guard Husky Barking
    • Attention Husky Barking
    • Happy To See You Husky Barking
    • Dissatisfaction Husky Barking
    • Habitual Husky Barking
    • Hurt or Sick Husky Barking

    Barking is natural husky behavior. Trying to eliminate barking totally is not a realistic outcome for you as a husky owner. Barking is a way that your husky uses to express their feelings and needs to you. This behavior can’t be stopped completely.

    How to Stop Husky Barking?

    If your husky is barking, you need to try to figure out whether it is appropriate barking or not. Ninety nine times out of one hundred, unwarranted barking can be managed. When taking steps to reform ‘Over the Top’ barking, you need to come to some conclusions about the following:

    • What situation is happening to make your the husky bark?
    • Who or what is your husky barking at?
    • Can you identify a certain cause of the husky barking?

    Should you conclude that your husky barks for territorial and protective reasons, it is a mistake to discipline or raise your voice at your husky. Your husky is likely to think you are mimicking their behavior and endorsing the barking. If your husky thinks you are happy with this type of behavior, it can lead to further aggression such as biting. Remember your husky may be confused about what you are trying to tell them.

    What you need to do is create an environment where your husky feels calm about its territory. This will reduce to desire to protect its area from other animals and strangers. If you stick to your role in the alpha position, any animal or person you are happy to bring into the territory will also sit comfortably with your husky. Removing your husky’s line of sight from potential invasions to its territory is also a good idea. For example a non see through fence can help, and closed curtains.

    Husky Barking and Anxiety

    Where your husky is known to suffer from anxiety there is a good chance that barking will become a problem. Your husky is seeking out assurance that you will come to them when they feel anxious. More times than not, huskies have been allowed to carry on with this behavior so it becomes difficult to stop. It’s important to wait until your husky has calmed down before you approach them, this is especially important when returning home or if you husky is seeking attention.

    In conclusion, as part of your overall husky training regime, you need to teach you husky a command to stop unnecessary barking. This command should only be used when husky barking is inappropriate. There may be times that your husky needs to communicate an emergency to you, for example if you have an intruder your husky needs to know that it is ok to bark. As long as you teach your husky good barking habits early, your husky will not be the neighborhood nightmare.

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