• Husky Aggresion

    Huskies are great family dogs because of their longing to belong to a pack. Under normal circumstances they are very loving and affectionate to adults, children and other dogs.

    However, One of the Huskies first roles in Siberian culture was as a look out and to guard against large animals and intruders. From time to time, this history can rear its ugly head as unwanted aggression. The think to remember about husky aggression is that if you take steps early in your husky’s life problems will be minimized.

    The Origin of Husky Aggression

    It is true that dogs were originally wild animals. This isn’t to say that husky aggression can’t be prevented. Most dogs will either be aggressive or not depending on the environment in which they are raised. This is good news for husky owners. As long as you do not neglect your husky and you provide a good alpha male role model, aggressive behavior will not come out.

    Not enough interaction with other dogs at a young age is one of the main reasons for husky aggression. Being pack dogs, huskies should be allowed to mix and mingle with other dogs of any breed. It will also be helpful if you let your husky spend time with other family and friends. These small steps will prevent husky aggression in most cases.

    If you have young children or other family pets then it is important that you do not spoil your new husky with preferential treatment. This may be hard because they are especially cute puppies. Be firm but fair with your husky but make sure you never hit or yell aggressively at your husky.

    Your husky will only mimic your behavior and then may act aggressively towards the family or other pets. When training your husky be firm but fair. Keep a normal tone in your voice that is calm but lets your husky know you are in charge. What you are aiming for is compliance that you are in charge as early as possible. This must be done in a non abusive way.

    Coping With Husky Aggression

    If your Husky happens to show aggressive behavior later in life, there are basic steps you can put in place to turn them around.

    The first step is to make sure that all the original boundaries that were originally put in place are enforced. Owners tend to become more relaxed over time with their pets. Your husky may have started behaving badly because it is taking things for granted.

    Keep a tight reign over your personal space as the alpha role model. That means your husky is not allowed on the couch, any beds and any rooms that you deem unsuitable. If you have an adequate fence and space, you may wish to make your husky a 100% outside dog.

    Start controlling meal times for your husky. The person who provides food is definitely the alpha role model. Stick to specific times and make them sit and remain calm before placing food down. This will prevent food aggression.

    If aggression targeted at other animals is the problem, the best solution is to segregate your husky from other animals for a time. Once you have take back control of your household, slowly allow your husky to spend time with other animals. The main things is to not make a scene about any incidents. Be decisive and unemotional.

    Husky aggression toward people in your home is a more serious problem. Make sure you seek out expert help from a professional dog trainer. It goes without saying that your husky should be kept away from that person until the problem is fixed.

    Huskies are deceptively strong and powerful dogs. If they decide to throw their weight around and to become aggressive they can be a handful. Make sure you keep people and other animals safe at all times and seek out professional help as soon as possible.

    Realising the Wonder of a Husky

    Huskies are naturally caring and affectionate dogs. They are also very aware of your feelings and emotions. Stay relaxed around your husky and just enjoy their company. If you are on edge and worried there is more chance of husky aggression. Remember your husky is always checking to see who the boss is. Make sure that you are at ease and that you are in charge.

    If you are able to show your husky that they are safe in your home, and that you are in charge, your husky will enjoy pack life. Because their environment is so good their aggressive nature will fade and they will want to bond with you. Daily walking on a leash and having the chance to run freely is a big part of keeping your husky calm and content.

    A Husky who does not get the right amount of exercise will become frustrated and may suffer from anxiety. These two feelings alone can easily lead to your husky having aggression problems. They really enjoy the security of an alpha leader and a regular routine.

    In reality, your Husky has the potential to be the perfect dog for your family. As long as your provide strong but loving leadership at all stages of their life you will have many great moments with your husky.

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