• How to Train a Siberian Husky

    It’s important that you know how to train Siberian husky puppies just as soon as you acquire one. Your little husky pup starts learning new things regardless whether you’re teaching him anything or not. Your little pup doesn’t have any idea what’s acceptable to do and what he shouldn’t do, just like an ordinary human baby wouldn’t know right from wrong.

    That’s where you come in and be that parent for your husky. You’re not only your husky puppy’s supporter, you’re also the parent, trainer, caretaker, in short, you are everything to your husky puppy. Your husky puppy depends on you for its survival so it’s important that you look around this site and learn how to train your Siberian husky puppy.

    Learning How to Train Siberian Husky Puppies Is The Key

    If you want to learn how to train a Siberian husky you must understand how the huskies think. Dogs interpret and respond differently than humans so in order to teach a husky to respond a certain way you want, you must think like the dog thinks. So how exactly does a husky dog think? How can you understand how your husky interprets the information and responds a specific way?

    To better understand I’m going to simply provide you a few scenarios when it comes to training your husky. These scenarios will demonstrate how your husky will most likely react to certain events. Let’s assume you’re trying to train your husky puppy stop barking at the neighbors. Let’s see what the outcome will be for the following situations.

    Assume you find your husky puppy barking at the neighbor’s cat and you punish your husky by slapping him. Not only that will confuse the husky, but he will also make a mental note that when you’re around it means trouble. Your husky won’t understand what it’s doing wrong.

    So if you can’t punish your husky to train them to stop barking, then how can you train Siberian huskies at all? The answer is very simple. Positive reinforcement is the training method you should always use to train your furry little friend.

    To Stop Your Husky From Doing Wrong, Train Him What To Do Right!

    So what exactly is positive reinforcement training? It’s a method of training that uses praise and rewards as opposed to punishment and fear. So how would you use positive reinforcement to stop your husky puppy from barking at the neighbor’s cat? Well, if you can teach your husky what’s right, and do what’s right on your command, then your husky puppy will not to what’s wrong because he’ll want your command and approval before doing so.

    Don’t underestimate your husky’s intelligence. When you train your husky to bark on command, you will notice that your husky puppy won’t bark until you give the command to do so. Your husky will learn that when he barks on your command he gets a treat and lots of praise, and that’s more than enough to make your husky want to only do right for you. That’s the great thing about dogs, all they really want to do is please their masters.

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