• How to NOT Train a Husky Puppy

    Many new husky owners are wondering whether or not you should punish your little pup for doing stuff wrong. Although the method of punishing does have some effect (primarily because you are making your pup afraid of you), a real relationship with your companion should not involve any type of punishment. Instead, make your puppy obey you using the positive reinforcement way.

    Your husky wants you to be the leader and set the rules. Moreover, you should not show your puppy sign of weakness, and you should also learn praise your puppy’s dominant behavior (such as jumping up on you). And I don’t mean not showing signs of weakness by punishing and harming your dog – that would be cruel. I simply mean be strong-willed. Huskies are crazy strong-willed and you need to be MORE strong willed if you want to keep control of it.

    For example, when your puppy barks – don’t give him attention. If you do, he will know.. Bark = attention. Good or bad.

    • Don’t step over your dog or move around him when you walk. He will think he’s in charge. In the wild, pack leader doesn’t move to let pack members through.
    • Don’t feed your puppy before you and your family eats – in the wild, pack leader eats first.
    • Don’t let your puppy pull on the leash and lead – he will think he’s the leader and he should never think that.
    • Don’t give in to whining and begging. This will only create a bad habit that will be hard to break.
    • Don’t let him jump up on you – often times dogs jump up on each other to assert dominance. Eventually, one will ‘surrender’ to the other.
    • Don’t go to your puppy during play time. Call him to YOU.
    • Don’t yell at your puppy – that will not help train him.
    • Don’t play with your puppy if he bites too hard – or you will only encourage it.
    • Don’t let your puppy have all the toys – he will become too dominant.

    These are some of the things you should prevent doing when training your husky. Keeping these things out of your training sessions should increase your puppy’s learning and ability to behave better. Your job is to make your puppy understand.

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