• How Much to Feed a Siberian Husky

    You will notice that a Siberian husky has high metabolism as they love to exercise and run around all day long – which means that their food consumption should be rather high. In fact, Siberian huskies don’t eat too much food. Of course, the exact portion depends from husky to husky, but in general, a Siberian husky doesn’t eat as much food as some other breeds of dogs. Although they are always active their bodies don’t use up much of their energy – which is how they can last for so long without breaks. Their body is very efficient and friendly with energy – which means your husky can run for miles nonstop.

    This is a gift mother nature gave them to be able to hunt for food – after all if we wouldn’t be taking care of them they would have to rely on their skills and abilities to survive and get food. The key point you need to remember is to feed your husky approximately the same times of the day. It will become their second nature to know when to eat – and you’re in total control.

    Often times Siberian huskies will whine and beg for food. And whine. And beg. And whine some more. Whatever you do, don’t give in – this is because they may not have a stable schedule yet so they will beg you for food at all times even when they’re not hungry. Don’t give them any food! Of course, don’t starve them – I’m talking about cases when a husky starts begging for more food after a dinner. So remember – husky begging, you ignore. Eventually your husky will learn that he eats when YOU tell him to eat, not when he whines for it. Huskies are smart – don’t worry, they know what works against you so they do everything they can to get their way.

    Huskies aren’t purposely trying to be mean – they just want to make sure they don’t die of starvation. It’s in their nature to want to eat more – since they don’t know when the next time they eat will be. But after a while of consistency your husky will know that every morning, afternoon he gets some food so he will not whine for it.

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