• Husky Exercise Needs

    To stay healthy and happy, your husky needs daily exercise. Every now and then, your husky may become lazy. Take precautions to make sure your husky is getting the exercise it needs. Exercise will help your husky maintain strong and healthy bones, healthy heart, and proper growth.

    Take your dog out at least once every day for a good 30 minute walks, but I would suggest 2-3 times a day. Your husky needs to burn off the calories it acquires from food in order to maintain a normal healthy shape. Your husky’s health is greatly depended on exercise, just like humans. If your husky won’t get the necessary exercise, certain problems can occur.

    Lack of Exercise Causes Problems

    One of the known problems that may occur is weight gain. Lack of exercise will ultimately cause weight gain which can cause diabetes and other health related problems. Another problem that may arise from lack of exercise is bone joint problems. Your husky needs to remain active and healthy by exercising each day so do not deprive your husky from it.

    Siberian husky ancestors were sled dogs that used to pull sleds in harsh weather conditions that required a lot of stamina. Wearing your husky out is definitely the key to prevent your husky from chasing other pets in your house or making a mess. A worn out tired husky is a husky that won’t rip up your yard and house.

    Siberian huskies get bored extremely quickly, you must always keep in mind that you must take them on several walks each day for a good half an hour to burn off some of that energy. Other than walks, give your husky some yard play time and provide enough toys so that your husky doesn’t get bored. A bored husky is a husky in trouble. Don’t let it get to that point!

    As your husky puppy gets older, he will need less and less exercise and will tend to be more polite with other animals such as cats. But until then, keep your husky burning off those excessive calories at all times and have enough for your husky to do while you’re away.

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    1. Russell
      Apr 14th

      I’m soon to gain a 4 month old Husky pup into my home. I am more than willing to go exercise with the new girl. I’m wondering what is suitable exercise for a 4 month puppy?

      Do you have any suggestion for appropriate walking or running times with age?

    2. Javan Hammer
      May 10th

      I don’t have a huge yard. However I do have lots of oppertunities to exercize a husky. I could do upwards of an hour a day for jogging, biking, etc.
      Is this enough to cover for not having a yard?

      • Kevin Decker
        Jun 29th

        Hi Javan,

        Generally a yard is a great addition to have for this hyperactive breed. But, rigorous exercise can be a substitute for it as well. The bottom line is to burn as much of that excess energy as possible regardless of the means.

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