• Healthy Dog Treats

    Just like people, unhealthy diet can lead to many major health issues, whether it’s going to come up sooner or later. Healthy treats for your husky dog and puppy is an important contributing factor to your husky’s good health.

    To maintain your husky’s balanced healthy diet, make sure you only provide the healthiest and most nutritious dog treats and snacks available. Some of the known health issues that can arise from an unhealthy dog diet are diabetes, heart disease, pancreatitis, arthritis, and others. Most huskies can maintain a healthy shape and weight with regular exercise and proper diet.

    But not all huskies are that fortunate. Every once in a while a husky may get overweight because of unhealthy treats and snacks. If your husky dog is getting slightly overweight, here are some delicious treats you can feed your husky to eliminate those huge carbs you get from ordinary doggy treats.

    List of Healthy Treats Dogs

    Rice – Most huskies will eat and love rice cake. It’s a healthy and beneficial treat you can give your husky to maintain a healthy condition. It’s also great to add in bulk for weight control diet as rice is very low on calories.

    Pasta – Every now and then, feeding your husky pasta can be accepted as a healthy treat, but as anything else, so don’t over feed your dog!

    Popcorn – Air popped popcorn is always a nice substitute for a high fat treat and most dogs seem to enjoy popcorn.

    Egg Whites – Hard boil eggs and remove the yolks as they contain a lot of fats.

    Cottage Cheese – A nice and healthy substitute for icecream or any other dairy treat. Yogurt also does the job very nicely as well, though not all dogs will eat it.

    Cooked Veggies – Some dogs will accept eating cooked vegetables such as green beans and carrots. This is a very healthy treat for your husky.

    Make sure your dog is not allergic to any of the foods listed above. If your husky is on a prescription diet, some treats may have to be reduced. Don’t overfeed your husky any of the treats, regardless of how fat free they are.

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    1. Wow, I didn’t even know some of this stuff was healthy for dogs! Thanks!

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