• Feeding Your Husky Puppy

    Husky puppies need healthy and nutritious food diet to strengthen bones and stay in shape. You as the owner have the responsibility to feed your husky puppy only the most nutritious foods that will keep your puppy happy and healthy.

    There are typically three kinds of food you can feed your puppy: dry food, semi-moist (which are sold in sealed packages) or canned food. If you talked to your vet concerning what to feed your husky puppy, he or she likely recommended dry food. This is generally a widely accepted concept because canned and semi-dry food contains a lot more fats.

    Canned Food for Husky Puppies – Canned food is 80% water which can be quite expensive if you compare the ratio of food to the expense. On top of that, canned will usually deliver more fats than dry or semi-dry food. I would highly recommend that you avoid buying any canned food for your husky puppy, and if you do, don’t keep it the primary diet.

    Semi-Dry Food for Husky Puppies – Semi-dry food is sold in sealed packages that are about 50% water. Again, you might be paying a little too much since 50% of what you’re paying for is water. Semi-dry food also contains salts and sugars that act as preservatives. Your husky puppy does not need any of that salt and sugar. Semi-dry food is also not very recommended, but either way, I would recommend this over canned food.

    Dry Food for Husky Puppies – Dry dog food doesn’t contain many preservatives and only contains 10% water. It’s also very easy to use and most efficient for your husky. I would recommend keeping this as the primary type of food for your husky puppy.

    Choosing Dry Food Brands

    You must also take into account the brands of the food that you buy for your puppy. Cheaper, economic brands will deliver poorer quality results, including less vitamins, nutrients, proteins, and digestibility. That means your husky will not absorb all the food that it eats.

    I would recommend purchasing premium value packages that deliver higher biological values which in turn will increase your husky’s digestibility. Your husky will then eat less, and absorb more. This ultimately means less for you to pick up after your husky in your yard. Medium brands fall somewhere in between.

    Can I Feed My Husky Table Scraps?

    To answer this question in a single word, the answer would be NO.

    It’s scientifically proven that an average person’s health balance is much worse than a husky’s, giving the husky is on a balanced commercially prepared diet. This is one thing that I disapprove of higher than canned food.

    Table scraps are unbalanced in vitamins and minerals. They also usually contain much more fat than regular dog food. It’s known that table scraps lead to certain complications such as diarrhea and other gastrointestinal problems. Huskies are very active dogs and need healthy food to keep replenishing their bodies with energy. Table scraps fill their stomachs, but do not supply the required vitamins and minerals that your husky needs.

    Also, this could lead to other complications such as your husky always asking to eat from the table. This could result in future training complications, so please, avoid feeding your husky any table scraps.

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