• Siberian Husky Facts

    Many misconceptions about the beautiful Siberian husky dogs are being spread all over the internet. This page will separate the facts from opinions and myths.

    Here are some excellent husky facts:

    • Huskies can have a variety of coat coloration ranging from gray, white, red, or black to name just a couple. They also have random patterns. Just like we humans come in different shapes and sizes, it’s no different for a husky dog.
    • The Siberian breed is somewhat cleaner than other breeds of dogs. They tend to bath themselves often.
    • Siberians are medium sized working dogs that are very friendly, loving, loyal, and make great family pets. These dogs have an almost a clownish personality yet they can be persuasive, stubborn, and extremely independent, making them among some of the most intelligent dogs out there.
    • Although many breeds are born predators/attack dogs, Siberians are not! Everyone has the natural “bigger vs smaller” instinct, however Siberians like to chase for fun – not to kill
    • Huskies are extremely energetic and love to run. Be careful – your husky could easily run for a mile… and he’s just getting started.
    • Siberians need a great deal of exercise. They love some space to play and have fun.
    • These dogs are affectionate and will not give strangers attention if it doesn’t think they deserve it.
    • Siberians can become destructive if not provided sufficient exercise. They will start chewing stuff, biting, howling, and so on.
    • Huskies “blow” their undercoat twice a year. A week’s combing is sufficient to get it clean.
    • These dogs are extremely trainable with exceeding understanding.
    • Puppies will bite and chew as they’re teething. Keep this behavior under control.
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