• Dealing With Husky Puppy Dominance

    All husky owners at some point have to deal with dominance issues. Whether their puppy is exerting dominance over their owner, property, food, or toys – it’s all the same. But the question still stands: How do you stop your husky dog from being so dominant? Are there some kind of dominance tips husky owners should know about to make their puppies less dominant? Glad you asked.

    Often times husky owners encourage their dogs to be dominant. You might be thinking, “How the heck am I encouraging my puppy to be dominant?”

    Answer the following questions to yourself. Does your puppy:

    • lead during walks?
    • eat before your family?
    • get all the toys at once?
    • jump up on you and you don’t give negative feedback for it?
    • yelp and you come running?
    • get attention anytime it wants?

    Many owners simply fail to establish their role as the alpha dog so your puppy assumes it’s his responsibility because that’s how dogs understand survivability. If you do any of the things listed above then those small things could be making your husky puppy dominant.

    Sometimes owners don’t reward their huskies for sharing and returning their toys. If you’re guilty of it then you should probably begin this simple exercise.

    Take, Reward, Give Back

    Very simple exercise you can do to reduce your puppy’s dominance. Simply take away his toys while he’s playing or food bowl while he’s eating. Then reward and praise him after he releases them willingly. Do this occasionally and you will notice your puppy won’t be as dominant over his toys and food bowl.

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