• Husky Corophagia (Poop Eating)

    Why your husky eats its own or other dog’s poop is probably a complete mystery to you. Not only is it completely unattractive it is also very unhealthy for your husky. Don’t be completely surprised if your husky exhibits such behavior as it is not too out of the ordinary. Corophagia, the correct scientific term for poop eating, can arise from many different reasons.

    Why Your Husky Eats Poop

    Shortly after the pup’s birth, the mother will eat the pup’s dropping to prevent predators from picking up the scent. This behavior can be picked up by the pups and later expressed.

    Another reason is that your husky is extremely hungry. If your husky is deprived of adequate food or if his living area has a lot of poop around, he may resort to eating poop.

    Your husky could be trying to tidy up the space that it lives in. Siberian huskies like to stay clean.

    The eating of excrement could also be an indicator of worms inside your husky. Worms act to strip all the nutrition out of your dogs’ food before it has a chance to digest it. If your dog is deprived of nutrients the next best alternative is to eat poop. Worming tablets, vaccinations and a check up at the vet should be a normal part of your husky’s life.

    Some huskies will consume poop as a nervous habit. They are also great at mimicking their owners and there is a chance your husky has seen you picking up poop and they eat it because they think that you do the same.

    There is no reason to panic if your dog is eating poop. All of the reasons for eating poop listed above have straight forward solutions.

    Your Husky Eats Poop – How To Stop It

    Should you notice that your husky eats poop on a number of occasions, you should immediately do a basic check of their health. It’s best to eliminate the possibly of worms or similar parasites as soon as possible. Your vet will be able to treat this condition if it turns out to be the cause of your husky’s poop eating habit. Alternatively your vet may diagnose that your husky needs to be fed more food as part of its diet.

    If the vet deems that the poop eating is not a health issue, then you are looking at a behavior issue. This is where your expertise and understanding as an owner will be crucial. It’s up to you to determine the root cause of problem by self diagnosis or with the help of a dog training professional.

    A good habit to get into is to pick up all poop around the yard daily. Be sure to check all grassed and non grassed areas. If the reason your husky eats poop is linked to behavior then the quickest way to eliminate the bad habit is to make sure no poop is available for your husky to eat.

    Other Poop Eating Prevention Methods

    The use of a high pitched voice command such as ‘No!!’ is a method that will require more patience and monitoring. An old trick is to put half a cup of pumpkin mash in your husky’s daily meal. For some reason this makes eating poop a lot less appealing to your husky. There is also the commonly used behavior adjustment method of spraying your dog with a water gun or bottle when it is behaving badly.

    When it comes to corophagia, prevention is better than cure. As a responsible husky owner it’s best to remove all signs of poop from your husky’s living and playing area. When you exercise your husky be vigilant and keep them well away from any stray poop.

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