• Siberian Husky Care 101

    Siberian Huskies are known as beautiful, energetic and free spirited dogs. They make very good companions as well as excellent sled dogs. They are intelligent, good natured and also good around children. It is therefore paramount that they are well taken care of as they can live to be twelve to fifteen and sometimes even older. The first thing to remember about the Siberian huskies is although they are big dogs – they do not necessarily eat much. Great care should be taken not to over feed them as it may cause them to be overweight, which may lead to other heath complications. The dogs are also very picky about the food they eat and are easily bored with the same meal. Their diet should also be regularly changed.

    The Siberian husky is an adventurous dog and so a fence around the compound is mandatory. The fence should be deeply and firmly dug in to the ground as Siberian huskies love to dig and may escape. They are also very good jumpers and so the fence should be at least six feet high. Siberian huskies need constant mental stimulation and may be distractive if bored and alone. It is advisable to have other pets with which the dog can play with. Siberian husky is also very hyper active and free spirited. It is therefore very important that the owner take the dog for regular walks to ensure that the dog is calmed down. The dog should however never be let out of its leash as Siberian huskies love to run.

    When it comes to grooming, Siberian huskies shed their coat twice a year. It is important to groom the dog with a metal comb and this should be done regularly. During other times, the dog is easy to groom. Siberian huskies need constant attention as they thrive on the attention of the owner. Being pack animals, the Siberian huskies require companionship. It is therefore important to own at least two dogs of the same species to ensure that they are occupied.

    Like many other dogs, the Siberian huskies will come into contact with flies. Flies are small brown insects that live off animal blood. In case the dog is infested with fleas, it should be treated immediately one can use flea powder, a flea collar or a spray that can be sprayed on the dog’s coat. It is important to check with the vet which is the best option for your dog. One can also take preventive measures such as treating the area around the dog as well as making sure that the dog sleeps in a clean and dry place. If the dog sleep in a kernel, it is advisable to raise it from the ground.

    Most importantly one should have the emergency number of a clinic near the residence. It is also necessary to take your dog for regular check ups. Vets provide information on vaccinations, worming, diet and any other questions that the owner might have. All dogs should be treated well and taken good care of. Cases of cruelty against dogs or any other animals should be reported to the authorities.

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