• 5 Tips to Buying a Husky Puppy

    Would you like an energetic, loving, loyal companion that is both friendly and entertaining, who loves a good exercise as well as a dedicated owner that can make him happy? If so, you are probably looking for a Siberian husky puppy. Huskies are extremely energetic and playful, but can be quite a handful for busy owners. Training your husky puppy early is quite important for the proper raising and bond relationship with the owner.

    Where to Buy a Husky Puppy

    There are many places you can look around to purchase your new furry animal. General rule of thumb is to look for a healthy, registered, & spayed puppy that has all of its required shots as well as a good health history of parents and grandparents. Stay away from vague descriptions and quick sale attempts.. If it doesn’t look right, you probably shouldn’t go about purchasing.

    Local Husky Breeders – Look around in the newspaper or public ads that may offer puppies for sale. Local husky breeders would probably provide the best selection of huskies to choose from, however, they may not always be in your area. Checking out public service books such as YellowPages can link you to some breeders around your area that you can contact for more information. Make sure that the breeders are fully registered and don’t cage their animals.

    Local Animal Shelters – Calling up local animal shelters and dog rescue centers and asking around for a husky puppy is a good start. Sometimes you can get a puppy for extremely cheap, if not free. Take precautions to make sure that the puppy hasn’t been traumatized and doesn’t have any potential health issues that could develop from it.

    Online Breeder Search – Look around the web on breeder websites such as Breeders.net or Puppyfind.com. Occasionally, you can find good deals and nearby huskies for sale by breeders. You can email or call the breeders to request more information about the current or upcoming litter. A good breeder will provide you with the puppy’s medical history, parent’s medical history and even tell you of the potential problems the puppy may develop during its lifespan.

    Where Not To Buy a Husky Puppy

    Pet Stores – Although sometimes it can be quite a spur of the moment, seeing that cute puppy in that cage makes you want to buy it right away for quick satisfaction without thinking of its condition or even the requirements and the responsibility that comes with owning a husky puppy. In most cases, when you buy a puppy from the pet store, they spent over half of their life caged with lack of exercise and poor diet habits that could cause potential problems from lack of socialization and effects of trauma. Avoid at all costs.

    Backyard Breeders – Backyard breeders often cage their animals, as well as provide improper unbalanced diets and provide no records of the puppy’s, the puppy’s parents, or grandparent’s health issues. A lot of them may have potential health issues that won’t even show signs until few years after. Try to avoid buying puppies from backyard breeders.

    Regardless of wherever you think it’s best for you to buy a husky puppy, remember that it’s your responsibility to raise and take care of the puppy. Make sure you understand that you need to spend money on your puppy including food, medication, shots, training classes (if needed), toys, grooming, regular vet checkups, unexpected accidents, etc.

    Buying a puppy shouldn’t be the spur of the moment. Think about what you want from your puppy; understand that it will be your responsibility for the next 8 to 12 years. If you don’t have the time or money to raise and take care of the puppy, you are better off not purchasing one.

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