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    Alaskan huskies are beautiful wolf-ancestral dogs that originated from Alaska. They are quite similar to the original Siberian husky, however, there are several distinctions between the two. For example, the Alaskan husky build will be somewhat leaner than the Siberian husky. On the other hand, the Siberian husky may have blue and brown eye color whereas the Alaskan huskies will only have brown eyes. One way to know for sure that it’s not an Alaskan husky is if the husky has blue eyes, then it must be a Siberian husky. Alaskan huskies have more energy and are more excelled in sled racing than Siberian huskies.

    Alaskan Husky Temperament

    Alaskan huskies don’t like to bark too much as they’re not considered to be watchdogs. They’re quite nice with strangers, love and protect their family and are also great with children.

    Being pack dogs, the Alaskan husky doesn’t obey unless you’re his strong and firm pack leader. Being extremely smart, intelligent, and mischievous, they will look for any way to take advantage of you if you’re not living up to being their leader.

    Alaskan huskies take a lot more patience to train than other breeds of dogs. These huskies want leadership, want territory, and want to boss you around. You need to show your husky that you’re the boss around the house (and outside) with proper training.

    It’s in their Arctic character to lead or to follow. If you can’t lead, they will be the ones leading you, thus disobeying your commands and making a mess out of your house.

    You need to be extremely confident and firm with your Alaskan husky to make sure he understands who’s in charge. Consistency is definitely the key and if you show any signs of weakness or withdrawal, your husky will think of you below himself and will see no reason to obey you.

    If you are, however, the strong pack leader he can look up to, you will have an extremely loyal and obedient Alaskan husky that will love to listen to your commands and do what you say. But that’s only after you have reached the status of the pack leader for your husky before this type of loyalty and obedience is shown.

    Alaskan huskies have a crazy huge amount of energy that they need to keep burning all the time. They don’t like to sit around because they get bored very quickly with so much hyperactivity. This can only mean trouble for husky owners who can’t spend too much time with their huskies or look after them.

    Alaskan huskies get extremely lonely if they have no one to play with. If you think you want this breed of dogs, I would recommend getting multiple huskies so they can always have fun playing with each other and save you some trouble in the long run.

    Being excellent jogging partners, Alaskan huskies enjoy the outdoors all the time and will never say no to a nice windy jog. However, they don’t like hot weather as their double coats make it hot enough.

    Often times Alaskan huskies will howl away and they do love howling, but it’s part of your job to train them to stop howling. Speaking of training, they are very difficult to housebreak so you’ll have to have a lot of patience and perhaps try crate training to help you with housebreaking.

    Never leave your Alaskan husky alone and bored with a ton of energy packed in them. That only means trouble, and believe me, they can become very destructive. Remember, they are still sled dogs at heart and it’s your responsibility to provide them with toys, company, and exercise.

    Although they love to exercise a lot, they sure don’t eat as much as they exercise. Alaskan huskies will consume a lot less food than you might expect. They are quite fit and their metabolism is great.

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    1. Taylor
      Dec 26th

      I have Alaskan Huskys and they HAVE both blue eyes, or bi-eyed or brown eyes. Just cause it has blue eyes doesn’t mean it can’t be an Alaskan Husky. An Alaskan Husky is mixed with a husky anyways so it might have had parents or relatives that had blue eyes. Just saying.

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