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How NOT to Train a Husky – Siberian husky training begins with simple things that you should know NOT to do. Learn these simple concepts and you will find that your training will become much easier. Don’t watch out for these things and you could be wasting a lot of time.
About Siberian Huskies – Brief overview of the Siberian husky history, description, temperament, health issues, and living conditions. Learning about Siberian huskies makes them all that much more lovable. Find more info on Siberian huskies here.
Housebreaking Huskies – This is the first step of husky puppy ownership. Since huskies are medium-sized dogs they are easier to housebreak than toy breeds but can still be difficult depending on how old your husky is and how soon you start. Keep in mind that a husky as young as 8 weeks can already start learning, so housebreaking should be priority #1.
Establishing a Feeding Schedule – Food is everything when it comes to your husky’s health. What you feed your dog will ultimately result in what your dog will become. If you feed your puppy garbage, you can be sure that its health will be equal to that. It’s important to learn about what you should and shouldn’t feed your dog.
Crate Training – Crate training is important for your new husky puppy. A crate is your husky’s very own confinement that gives your puppy the feel of security. It’s also very effective for housebreaking and quite effective when your husky puppy is cases of illness of travel.
Siberian Husky Training – Siberian husky training should be fun for both you and your husky. When training your Siberian husky it’s important to remember one rule of thumb: positive reinforcement will ultimately train your husky exactly what you want him to do.
Common Health Issues – There are various diseases that have been associated with Siberian huskies. Some are hereditary while some occur through the course of the dog’s life. One of the diseases that have been associated with Siberian huskies is Hip Dysplasia.
Lead Training – When out for walks it’s important to make sure your husky isn’t the one leading you. Learn simple yet effective ways to stop that annoying pulling on the leash and lunging towards every moving thing. Remember, in the wild, the alpha dog leads and the pack follows – which one are you?
Your Husky & Exercise – Like couples in a marriage, exercise and husky must remain together for life. Exercise helps prevent health complications and eliminates destructive behavior such as compulsive chewing, biting, digging, yelping, running around aimlessly, and the like. Siberian huskies, when lack exercise, go into hyper mode.
Dominance & Submission – When your husky shows signs of dominance, will you be able to pick them up? Your puppy may be testing your dominance (and you could be yielding) without even knowing! Learn how your puppy tests dominance and steps you can take to prevent from unwillingly submitting to your dog (and giving him the wrong idea).

Fun Stuff

Dominance Test – Think you’re in charge of your household? Take the fun test now to figure out how dominant your husky is! Answer these 10 simple Yes or No questions to figure out exactly where you’re going about wrong.